Toto Wolff has called on Mercedes to put its disastrous Spanish Grand Prix behind it and 'hit back hard' with a return to winning ways at the Monaco Grand Prix.

A controversial coming together for Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton on the opening lap of the Barcelona race would see both retire, the first time since the V6 Hybrid era began in 2014 that Mercedes has suffered a double DNF.

Though it does relatively little to dent its mammoth advantage in both drivers and constructors' standings, with Rosberg leading the former by 39 points and Mercedes ahead by 49 points in the latter, Wolff is keen to see the team bounce back in formidable style around the streets of Monaco.

"Clearly, Barcelona was tough to take," he said. "We came away upset at an opportunity missed - but this is racing. The drivers know how we operate. The team is responsible for giving them the best possible cars and they are responsible for getting the best out of them - and for bringing them home.

"When we let them down, we apologise to and the same goes the other way. It's a pretty normal culture - we deal with setbacks together and we move on. Now, we go to Monaco and a very different challenge. Once again, we have seen our competitors make steps forward which have given us an even bigger battle on our hands.

"Red Bull came out on top in Barcelona after a close fight with Ferrari, so it's clear that we are under attack from more than one angle. We cannot afford to drop the ball, so we must remain united, remain strong and hit back hard this weekend."

Wolff said in the wake of the collision that Rosberg and Hamilton are still free to race one another.



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