Daniel Ricciardo says the arrival of Max Verstappen in the Red Bull Racing team represents 'a big challenge' for himself in the vein of his former inter-team rivalry with Sebastian Vettel, even if he ultimately feels he will benefit from the pressure.

Ricciardo famously out-performed his four-time title winning team-mate Sebastian Vettel during his first season as a Red Bull Racing driver in 2014, but is expected to now come up against his own formidable 'foe' in the form of new team-mate Verstappen.

Indeed, with the Dutchman claiming a sensational victory in the Spanish Grand Prix on his Red Bull Racing debut, Ricciardo admits his arrival in the team represents a new challenge to spur him on.

However, while Vettel exited the Red Bull team after just one season alongside Ricciardo, the Australian feels Verstappen's arrival will ultimately get the best out of one another and each benefit their careers.

"Max is a serious F1 driver and that is actually really good for me," he said. "It is a good motivation and I said when I joined Red Bull. I came against Sebastian [Vettel] and I wanted to come against the best and challenge myself. And now Max is the newest challenge for me. He is a big one.

"I think in a way it is good that he is having this success. If I can get on top of that then it is only good for me and probably for both of our careers."



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