Lewis Hamilton says he anticipates no lingering ill-feeling between himself and Nico Rosberg following their dramatic coming together at the Spanish Grand Prix as he looks to move on and focus on his faltering title challenge.

Hamilton and Rosberg collided on the opening lap of the Spanish Grand Prix, a clash that was labelled as a 'racing incident' by Mercedes afterwards, even if it led to the team's first double DNF of the V6 Hybrid era.

Indeed, though it is not the first time the drivers have made contact with one another, it is the first time both have failed to finish as a result, raising speculation it could prompt a major rift between two drivers that have endured a fractious relationship in the past.

However, ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix, Hamilton says he has cleared the air with his team-mate, adding that it won't change the way either races against one another.

"I think it's really just showing the growth between Nico and I," he said. "We spoke to each other today and in the past there would have been some kind of tension of some sort, but today it was just pure respect. I said 'I have all the respect for you' and he said the same.

"It doesn't change anything or how we approach our racing. So maybe we are just getting old! We are good at our jobs and we know it, we are just getting older."

Hamilton reveals the two drivers didn't 'talk through' the incident and that the talks were simply to discuss their part in it.

"We didn't talk through the incident. We don't need to talk about it, we know what happened because we were there and experienced it. We know how we felt about it before and we are not like the more emotional beings on the planet who need to talk about these things, we don't need to do that. We arrived very cool and chilled and we just spoke. All you need to know is that the respect is still there, we are going to keep racing and everything is cool."

Hamilton comes into the Monaco Grand Prix weekend third in the overall standings, 43 points behind his Mercedes team-mate Rosberg.



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