Kimi Raikkonen has confirmed team-mate Sebastian Vettel's claim that Ferrari is not where it ought to be after day one of the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Finn's day was almost the reverse of Vettel's with a better afternoon session than morning, but he could still only manage the seventh-best time in FP2, putting him behind an assortment of Red Bulls, Mercedes and Toro Rossos. Asked whether it had been a normal day of practice, or a bad day of practice, Raikkonen looked perplexed.

"It is what it is right now and we had a better afternoon than morning," he confirmed, "Still, there's a lot to improve, for sure, but hopefully we'll improve where we need to. This is not the easiest place when things are not exactly as you want them, but 'mistakes'? You put it like it's a massive issue, but people make mistakes and that's fine in practice.

"I don't understand how you make such a question... it's crazy questions what you're asking... It's just practice, it wasn't an ideal first day of running, but many haven't been ideal before. We have some work to do, [but] don't try to make a bigger story out of it than it is!"

Unlike Vettel, Raikkonen insisted that his side of the garage had made gains during the second 90 minutes of running, and lauded the addition of Pirelli's new ultrasoft tyre alongside the familiar soft and supersoft this weekend.

"The afternoon was a lot better than the morning, so that shows we went in the right direction with the set-up changes we made," he pointed out, "This is the first time we've run [the ultrasofts] in race conditions, and I think they're as good as they can be. They're the best tyres for this track and much better than anything else we're running here, but we still have to find a better way to make the most out of all compounds.

"I was also pretty satisfied with the long run I did with the supersofts, but this is not the easiest track to get things working at 100 per cent and, today, we didn't manage to get everything out of the car."



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