Pirelli has revealed the tyres that will be rolled out across the F1 grid in 2017, giving an initial glimpse at what next year's much anticipated technical shake-up will look like.

Though they are still to be formally agreed, the blueprint for the 2017 regulations are to make the cars look more extravagant and lap faster through tweaks predominantly to the aerodynamics and the tyres.

For Pirelli's part, the tyres from 2017 will be significantly larger, as showcased in a presentation on a dummy car at the Monaco Grand Prix, with the front growing from 245mm wide to 305mm wide (almost the width of the current rear), while the aggressive rear tyres go from 325mm to 405mm.

This represents a 25 per cent and 30 per cent increase front and rear respectively and harks back to former F1 eras when tyres were larger.

In addition, the diameter rises slightly from 660mm to 670mm, though the decision was taken to retain the recognisable 13inch rims having considered the application of 18inch rims.

"We are still developing the first prototypes, the front is currently 8.5kg and will increase by 1kg," said Mario Isola. "I am talking only about the tyres because then there is an additional weight because of the bigger rim. The rear tyre is now 10kg and it will be around 11.5kg, depending on the final version of the prototype.

Though Pirelli acknowledges the intention to deliver more spectacle will be measured once racing gets underway next year, it expects to tyres to play their part in 'enhancing the show'.

"After much discussion, teams will be allowed around 15 to 20 per cent more downforce than they are generating this season," read the official Pirelli communication. "So we'll be seeing cars that are quicker through the corners, although they might not be quite as fast on the straights as they are this year. In order to guarantee sufficient grip as a result of the increased cornering speeds, wider tyres are required."



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