Romain Grosjean has hit out at the Mercedes team for 'doing whatever they want' after twice being caught behind its cars during qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Haas driver felt he had a car capable of qualifying inside the top ten but found himself bottled up behind Mercedes drivers twice during Q2, preventing him from getting enough heat into the tyres to push for a lap.

"Q1 went well and then twice in Q2 we had s**tloads of traffic on the out lap. We ended up twice behind the Mercedes and they do whatever they want but they slow down massively and the tyres were not ready. Then you're f**ked."

"They don't even go quick on the first lap. When you see Mercedes and Red Bull going slow-fast there is just no grip initially so they're difficult to warm up. That's what cost us. I think top ten today was clearly possible as we showed in Q1 but we didn't get any proper laps in Q2."

Despite the qualifying set-back, Grosjean is pleased with the performance of his Haas in Monaco following a disappointing weekend last time out in Spain.

"I think we made some very good progress from the beginning of the weekend, I feel much more happy with the car. It's much more together so I was very frustrated after qualifying because I really think we could have made it to Q3 but the window of the tyres is so small and each car is different. We needed a quick out lap and everyone in front was slow so that was it."



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