Kimi Raikkonen says he is unable to explain away his poor performance in the Monaco Grand Prix after crashing out on lap 11 in slippery conditions.

The Ferrari driver, who came into the weekend second in the overall standings, endured a torrid weekend, qualifying behind team-mate Sebastian Vettel in sixth place, which became 11th when he suffered a grid penalty for a gearbox change.

Looking to make gains in the race, Raikkonen managed just four racing laps before making a mistake into the hairpin and sliding into the outside barrier. Damaging his front-wing, which would then get caught under his SF16-T, Raikkonen proceeded to delay Romain Grosjean and carry on all the way to the chicane before pulling off into retirement.

A hugely unsatisfying weekend for the Finn, he says there are no positives to take away.

"Obviously there's not a lot to tell you about - it was just a very poor weekend," he said. "It was very low grip [at the start], at least for me and I was driving very slowly, anyhow. Into the corner, when I tried to downshift it just locked the rears and couldn't slow down. So I took the front wing out, it then got stuck under the car and we had to stop.

Reflecting on his incident with Grosjean - for which he avoided a penalty -, Raikkonen says he was unaware that the Haas driver was caught outside him, adding he couldn't turn in as expected.

"Obviously I was not aware he was there, I was just trying to go around the corner but I couldn't because the wing was stuck under the car. I was then told the wing was under the car and to stop, but I was in the tunnel when I got the call and I couldn't stop there! So I just parked the car as quickly as I could, in the chicane."



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