It seems that it never rains, but pours, for Daniil Kvyat who, having been banished for his accidents at Red Bull, ended the second outing of his return to Toro Rosso with a frustration-fuelled collision in Monaco.

A day on which F1's blue riband event started behind the safety car due to heavy rain proved to be damp squib for the Russian who was unable to get into the race even before it got underway for real due to mechanical gremlins keeping his STR11 in constant speed mode. That glitch, which saw Kvyat drop through the order before returning to the pits for a change of steering wheel, left the Russian several laps behind the field when racing began, and cost him any chance of points despite a sterling qualifying performance that had put him eighth on the grid.

"It was an electronic problem, and I was stuck for two laps at 60kph," Kvyat explained, "I don't know how it went back on, but we just did one pit-stop, then we did the second pit-stop and it started to work properly, so it was really weird. It didn't help us, and it was a really bad day."

With little to lose and frustration no doubt welling inside him, Kvyat set about trying to make up lost ground, but benefited only as other drivers dropped out ahead of him. Having picked off slower cars in what was still a potent Toro Rosso machine, however, Kvyat found a more stubborn match in Kevin Magnussen...

"I managed to make it work with other cars because I wanted to unlap myself, but he was on for a lot of racing today," he growled, "I had nothing to lose anyway so I was going for it and he seemed to really want to block me.

"We were racing and he blocked me twice pretty strongly two corners before [at the Swimming Pool]. We touched and, at the next corner, I tried to go on the inside and he just blocked me completely. I couldn't go through the wall, so I had to go through him!

"I had [made] a couple of moves in that corner two laps before but, when you find a driver who really doesn't want to let you by, sometimes a crash happens. Like I said, the fight was on for a few corners and I thought that I could pass him but it didn't happen.

"But, to be honest, I didn't really care at that point because my race was ruined anyway. It was a f*cking sh*t day!"



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