Daniel Ricciardo admits he doesn't know how he will bounce back from his crushing disappointment in the wake of the Monaco Grand Prix after a pit-stop blunder by Red Bull Racing cost him a likely win.

Starting from his maiden F1 pole position, albeit behind the safety car in wet conditions, Ricciardo showcased magnificent pace early on to establish a 13secs lead over the chasing Mercedes', and though a savvy strategic move by rival Lewis Hamilton to run long on wet tyres played him into contention, the Australian remained largely in control.

However, a blunder in the pit lane when Ricciardo entered to find no tyres available would cost him significant enough time for him to lose a lead to Hamilton he couldn't recover.

A bitter disappointment exacerbated by the strategic error that cost him victory last time out in the Spanish Grand Prix too, an upset Ricciardo says Red Bull cannot afford to miss such open goals.

"I think I took Barcelona on the chin and then took it well but two in a row now, and it's not like we're in Mercedes' position, we're not able to win a race, so to have an opportunity to lead two races in a row and especially here in Monaco.

"I put it on the front and you wake up and you see thunderstorms and it's like, OK, there's a few curved balls coming my way but I felt I dealt with them as well as I could have and had the pace in the wet at the beginning and again I thought I was controlling everything I had to."

Having said ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix that he was still reeling from his Spain disappointment - which paved the way for new team-mate Max Verstappen to claim victory -, Ricciardo admits he is 'hurting'.

"Obviously a big part of it is relying on the team and the strategy but yeah, to get it wrong twice now it definitely hurts. I'm not sure where to go from here, what to do. Obviously they've got to understand what's going on and learn from it but this win I'll never get back, that's a fact."



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