Daniil Kvyat has revealed he is considering an F1 future outside of the Red Bull fold, suggesting problems by Toro Rosso in the Monaco Grand Prix will make him 'look for a change in situation'.

The Russian driver began the season with Red Bull Racing but was demoted to the Toro Rosso 'B' team in a direct swap with Max Verstappen ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix, a race the young Dutchman went on to sensationally win.

Coming despite Kvyat having scored a podium with the team at the Chinese Grand Prix, though he is the first driver to be given the chance to stay within Red Bull's F1 fold, the former GP3 champion says this doesn't mean his future is set.

Indeed, after technical issues with his STR11 left him at the back of the field for the start of the Monaco Grand Prix, Kvyat says 'things going wrong' will prompt him to look elsewhere.

"Yes," he replied when asked whether he is considering other options. "I was on for a fight this weekend, I am giving my absolute best to Toro Rosso and I want to reward this team with a lot of points. But you cannot start in a race where should have been in the race to score a lot of points, it's really frustrating.

"I want to give everything to this team, but when all of these things start to go wrong you look for a change of the situation."

With Kvyat eventually retiring from the race after colliding with Kevin Magnussen - for which he was blamed and given penalty points -, he says he will try and take charge of his future, but is in no rush.

"I usually try to do things my own way, but if I need someone I will always have someone behind me. But at the moment it's early days, if I need someone I will have help outside of Red Bull. First I want to focus on these races, I want to have strong races with Toro Rosso because it's easier to go forward with good results in your hand."

"I am not leaving it too late, everyone is human and everyone can talk. If we need to talk, we talk. When there is a time to tell something to the media I will let you know. At the moment I don't want to let you know."



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