Kevin Magnussen says Renault's experiments on his RS16 in Monaco proved detrimental to his race pace but is optimistic he can profit from the ground work in Canada and upcoming races.

The Renault driver was in the thick of it at the Principality after an underwhelming qualifying and was involved in two incidents, the first a clumsy contact with Daniil Kvyat who was struggling with technical issues before sliding out of the race at Mirabeau on lap 33.

Magnussen, who was fitted with the upgraded Renault engine for Monaco, felt he was always battling to catch up in terms of pace and car set-up after the team experimented with new parts which he feels ultimately cost him a shot at a positive result.

"If we'd just gone in normally and not tried this big, different thing, then I think we would have had an easier weekend," Magnussen said. "I also feel that we had to try to learn as much as possible about the car with this new stuff because it will benefit us later in the season with the more miles you get.

"It cost us here, surely we'll learn more in those weeks between now and Canada which will help us in Canada."

Looking to move on positively at Montreal next time out, Magnussen is confident the new aerodynamic upgrades will give him a boost in the corners but still require refinement to optimise the package.

"It does change the car a lot especially through the corner balance, it just didn't work here, it's just disappointing," he said. "We believed it should work, it's more just dialling it in and fine tuning it.

"For here we didn't feel like we had the time, we didn't feel like we'd be able to make the car work for here so hopefully we can learn more when we come back from this race and be able to run it for the rest of the season."



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