Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene says he is confident Kimi Raikkonen will be "pushing to do his best" for the rest of the season, after a woeful Monaco Grand Prix.

Raikkonen had a torrid weekend and managed just four racing laps before making a mistake into the hairpin and sliding into the outside barrier. Despite his below par performance, however, Arrivabene is confident the Finn will bounce back, and attributed it to the fact he doesn't like racing at the Principality.

"Every driver that I've known from the past has a track that they don't like," Arrivabene confirmed.

"Kimi doesn't like Monaco even if he won once here. We need not to complain about Kimi but to accept that this race he was probably suffering at this track more.

"He will be pushing to do his best for the rest of the season."

Meanwhile, Raikkonen conceded it was a "very poor weekend", adding: "It was very low grip [at the start], at least for me and I was driving very slowly, anyhow. Into the corner, when I tried to downshift it just locked the rears and couldn't slow down."



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