The majority of F1 teams have opted for a high number of the softest compound tyres supplied by Pirelli for the debut Grand Prix of Europe around the Baku street circuit.

Championship contenders Mercedes and Red Bull are the leading teams to pick eight sets of the super-softs, the softest compound available, while Renault, Toro Rosso and Haas have also followed suit.

With a slight variation between team-mates championship leader Nico Rosberg has selected two sets of mediums and three softs to Lewis Hamilton's one set of mediums and four softs.

Ferrari have been similarly aggressive with its tyre picks as both Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen will head into the Baku race weekend with seven sets of super-softs, five sets of softs and only one set of medium Pirelli tyres.

The most conservative team in terms of tyre selections is Sauber with six supers-soft sets per driver, with Felipe Nasr also selecting six softs and one medium with Marcus Ericsson opting for two mediums and five softs.

All other F1 teams have opted for tyre selections with these parameters. The Grand Prix of Europe in Azerbaijan is set to host the eighth round of the 2016 F1 world championship on the 17-19 June.



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