Daniil Kvyat has resolved to put memories of the Monaco Grand Prix firmly in the rear view mirror and concentrate on taking Toro Rosso back into the F1 points at this weekend's round in Canada.

Two races after being dropped by Red Bull following a crash-strewn start to the Russian Grand Prix, Kvyat was back in the F1 headlines after a rash move from a lap down not only ended his race in the Principality, but also hampered that of Renault's Kevin Magnussen. While Kvyat's frustration was understandable, having started eighth but have his car not run cleanly, leading to a freefall through the field, the outcome of his afternoon raised more question marks over his temperament that need answering with a solid drive in Montreal.

"Since I got back home all my focus has been on this weeks' Canadian Grand Prix," Kvyat insisted, "Myself and the team remain positive about it and we will surely work hard together to achieve the best possible result. The frustration from last week's race in Monaco is now forgotten and has made me even more determined to show what I'm capable of doing."

That capability can lead to good results, as his third place in China shows, but Kvyat will need to keep a calm head as he takes on one of F1's more idiosyncratic circuits.

"I'd describe the Montreal track as one where you are always bouncing on the different kerbs - they are very high and there are quite a few of them!" he noted, "The slow hairpin is a very good spot for overtaking, but it's necessary to get a good exit here to then drive down the track's longest straight, where it's possible to benefit of a good slipstream. I always enjoy driving here and I look forward to having a good weekend..."



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