Lewis Hamilton says his Monaco Grand Prix race victory hasn't changed his approach to reel in Nico Rosberg but is happier to see the goal move closer after almost halving the deficit in one race.

The reigning F1 world champion chopped his Mercedes team-mate's points advantage from 43 to 26 with his first win in nine races, coupled with Rosberg's underwhelming seventh place, to ignite the title battle.

Hamilton is gearing up for a race in Canada he's exceeded at in his F1 career winning four times including his maiden pole and Grand Prix victory back in 2007.

Despite this asserted favourite tag in Montreal, the British driver says his approach and mentality hasn't altered since his start to 2016 was dogged by reliability woes.

"It isn't a big change in how I feel for the season," Hamilton said. "Of course I arrived at the last race 43 points behind and now 24. It shows the goalposts move all the time and with 15 races to go anything can happen. It is definitely positive in that respect.

"If you look at the races I've lost points in it hasn't been down to my driving. I don't think it changes anything and I will still drive the same way I have in the last race.

"There are other factors that come into play still. I will continue to drive the way I am and if those other factors go well for me I will be very happy."

Hamilton's outstanding record around Montreal, only bettered by Michael Schumacher's seven career wins, could allow the Mercedes driver a flair of arrogance but he is determined not to be overconfident on assuming a fifth win in Canada.

"I know it is a track I'm quick at," he said. "There are other tracks which naturally come easier than others. This is a naturally good track for me so hopefully I should capitalise on that. I've had bad races here as well, hence I arrive here the same as the other drivers."



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