Jock Clear feels Ferrari is getting on top of its recent qualifying troubles but is still aiming to understand the full scope of the problem ahead of qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix.

Ferrari's senior performance engineer Clear says both Sebastian Vettel's and Kimi Raikkonen's perceived drop in performance in the vital Q3 pole shootout has been caused by a number of issues both internally and externally.

Clear says until Ferrari has eliminated all issues within its control it still won't be satisfied with its performances in qualifying but is optimistic from a vast improvement in Montreal.

"Like all of these things in F1, it's never one specific thing," Clear said. "It's generally a combination of a number of things. Obviously Red Bull have made improvements and have qualified strongly recently.

"We've underperformed in Quali 3, having felt we had the pace to compete right at the front and then dropped away at the end. Was it a tyre issue? Was it set-up? That's the conundrum we have to try to unravel and I think we are some way to doing that now.

"I thing that some of things we have looked at in the last couple of weeks, after Barcelona and Monaco, are pointing us in the right direction.

"But it's all relative and our pace is always going to be judged by the people that are right at the front and until we're right at the front we're not going to be satisfied. So we just keep searching for that performance."

Ferrari is yet to notch up a pole position in 2016 and could only manage one (Singapore) in all of 2015 against the dominance of Mercedes over a single hot lap.



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