Christian Horner says Daniel Ricciardo's focus on the positive after Red Bull's pit stop blunder cost him a shot at victory in Monaco is pleasing but did leave the Australian to cool off for a couple of days.

The Red Bull team principal says the squad has undergone a complete and thorough investigation into why and how the pit stop error occurred and is looking to move on in Montreal this weekend.

Aiming to react to Mercedes' aggressive pit strategy with Lewis Hamilton, Red Bull made a last-second switch of tyre choice for Ricciardo's pit but due to the tight nature of the Monaco pit lane the tyres were in the back of the garage.

As the Red Bull crew scrambled for tyres Ricciardo bled vital seconds stationary in the pits and when he eventually got the tyres Hamilton passed him on pit exit going up to turn three.

"It took a couple of days after the race to get the emotion out of what happened," Horner said. "Obviously the whole team was gutted about being in such a strong position in the Monaco Grand Prix, which isn't your standard race, and then to obviously lose what looked like a certain victory.

"A huge amount of analysis has gone into what's happened, why it happened, and as with all these things it's never a straightforward scenario."

Horner has commended Ricciardo's reaction since returning to the team in Canada - the driver also felt aggrieved with a strategy error in Spain which cost him a podium - and wants everyone to concentrate on the positives Red Bull produced in Monaco.

"I think the way that Daniel has dealt with has been very good," Horner added. "After taking a couple of days out, he's now focused fully on the positives: the fact that the car is competitive; the fact that we were able to qualify on pole - our first pole since 2013 - and the fact that the upgrades with the engine and chassis are all working in harmony with each other bodes every well for the rest of the year.

"Of course there is disappointment over Monaco but a lot of optimism for the future and the future races."

The Red Bull chief also says the team won't change its approach to strategies and is willing to learn from mistakes in order to achieve greater results in the future.

"At Red Bull, we push the boundaries, we push them constantly and when you live life on the edge sometimes you fall over," he said. "The most important thing with that is to learn from it, put procedures in place to learn from those difficult days and inevitably human error will creep in now and again.

"We've been rock solid in the pit lane. Monaco was one of those unfortunate perfect storms of things going wrong."



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