Toto Wolff says neither Mercedes nor Nico Rosberg is 'flirting somewhere else' as he explains the contract negotiations between the two are running a normal schedule.

The Mercedes chief says the lack of information on Rosberg's future with the F1 world champions is not causing a problem between the two parties and are working through the finer details of a new contract for the current F1 championship leader.

Wolff has shot down rumours of the negotiations causing insecurity in the team, with Lewis Hamilton already tied to Mercedes on an improved deal in 2015, and is confident Rosberg will remain with the German manufacturer beyond the end of this season.

"It is not a factor of instability, we like to continue in the same way with Nico that we did and it is down to the detail in the contract which is pretty normal negotiations," Wolff said. "We are not flirting somewhere else and he is not flirting somewhere else.

"This is why it is not a distraction. It is a normal process which takes time to get down to the detail and sort out."

The Mercedes duo start from the front row for the Canadian Grand Prix after Hamilton claimed an impressive pole position as he looks to reassert himself in the F1 world title battle. Rosberg starts along-side Hamilton and holds a 24-point advantage of his team-mate.

Rosberg joined the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team in 2010 when the German manufacturer returned as a fully-fledged squad alongside Michael Schumacher.