Toto Wolff says he isn't enjoying the repetition of first-lap collisions between his Mercedes drivers after Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg bumped wheels at turn one.

After a series of high-profile clashes, notably Spa in 2014 and last month's smash in the Spanish Grand Prix, the Mercedes duo connected once again as Hamilton understeered wide and bumped Rosberg off track at turn one.

Fortunately for the team it was a relatively small collision with both cars continuing, but it saw Hamilton down in second and Rosberg slip to ninth.

The incident was not referred to the race stewards - and even Rosberg accepted it was 'tough racing' - but Wolff says he isn't enjoying the repetitive clashes between his drivers and hopes it can be avoided in the future.

"It was a hard manoeuvre," Wolff said. "Lewis said that he had understeer, that's what I would say. From the team's perspective if you're starting one and two and you come out of turn one [we are] second and ninth that is not pleasant. But I guess I have a deja vu, we are having these discussions after every race."

Having seen Hamilton recover to claim a fifth career victory, Wolff says Mercedes will now investigate the continued poor starts both drivers keep having since the rule change on clutches midway through 2015.

"I think it was just slip today and not getting it 100% there," he said. "The initial getaway from Ferrari looked great so maybe they have some kind of whatever. We have to look at it."



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