Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo says he just didn't get "a break" after finishing a disappointing seventh in the Canadian Grand Prix.

Ricciardo slipped behind team-mate Max Verstappen on the opening lap when he was slowed by the squabbling Mercedes. He then felt he lost time initially behind the Dutchman, but after stopping on lap 21, had to pit again on lap 38, following a "big" lock-up, losing further time and positions with a slow stop. He eventually finished just 0.6secs behind Kimi Raikkonen in sixth.

"Not a great Sunday," Ricciardo said. "We have had good Saturdays but not great Sundays. We just couldn't get a break.

"There were a few scrappy parts from my side and the team side too today - just not a clean race. I locked a brake into Turn 13 and damaged the second set of tyres and a few of the pit stops and calls were a bit average again. So we have got to clean things up for Sundays.

"Fortunately in seven days we'll get another chance. We definitely need to make it a better Sunday in Baku."

Asked what happened at the start in Montreal, he added: "Initially it was okay, but the Mercedes were really slow so there wasn't really anywhere to go and then out of Turn 2 with [Nico] Rosberg coming back on, I had to go on the inside, Max was on the outside and then I lost a position there.

"Then we were a bit quicker than Max on the first stint with the ultra softs and I said I could be quicker if I had clean air, but after my first pit stop I locked the softs, as I said, and ruined that set of tyres.

"I came in again and had traffic to Kimi, we were able to stay with him but damaging the tyres too much to really make an impact and pass. We were definitely a lot quicker in clean air, but we did struggle in the traffic.

"We couldn't really make that next step behind other cars which certainly killed the tyres rather quickly," he concluded.



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