Lewis Hamilton says he doesn't believe Mercedes needs to dedicate more focus onto his turn one contact with Nico Rosberg after his team-mate and title rival was forced to go off course.

Suffering with a poor start from pole position, Hamilton was already behind Sebastian Vettel at turn one, but would also find Rosberg on his outside as they rounded the left-hander. With Hamilton claiming he experienced understeer, he made light contact with Mercedes counterpart Rosberg, who was forced to cross the grass into turn two, dropping him back to ninth by the end of the first lap.

The first act of a dismal afternoon for Rosberg, who went on to suffer a puncture and a spin en route to fifth place at the chequered flag, the German admits he was 'pissed off' at Hamilton's hard move, even if he concedes it was inevitable from the position he was in at turn one.

Despite the contentiousness of the minor but race-defining moment, Hamilton doesn't feel Mercedes needs to intervene simply because it couldn't predict the pair would be so close to one another into the notoriously tricky opening bend.

"I don't think the team could do anything because you could not have predicted we would be side by side going into the first corner. Ideally, I would be eight metres ahead, or whatever the gap is between first and second, going into turn one.

"On the other side, Nico was on the outside, Nico was on the inside, so I was on the racing line. Watching the replay, Vettel was close in front to me so I could not have braked any later even if I wanted to. He was ahead and I don't know if it was a tailwind or a loose of downforce from being so close to him, but I suffered massive understreer as I was turning and after watching it, it was the smallest tap.

"From my side, I barely felt it but for him, he had to go the other way. Sometimes you make it round the outside and sometimes you don't and this time it didn't work."



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