Bernie Ecclestone says the 2017 Formula 1 calendar could see as few as 18 races or as many as 22 as negotiations over new and existing events continue.

With a record-breaking 21 events featuring on this year's schedule with the return of the German Grand Prix and the introduction of Azerbaijan's maiden F1 event this weekend, Ecclestone has stated the schedule could swell further despite there being only extended break (August) between March and December.

Nevertheless, it comes amidst some events facing uncertain futures, the most recent concern being the Brazilian Grand Prix as renovation works stall amidst funding shortfalls and political upheaval.

Coupled to ongoing negotiations with the Italian Grand Prix at Monza and also the German race at Hockenheim, Ecclestone admits we could see fewer events next year.

"We have to have a look and see," he said. "We could have 22. We have 21 now. It could be 22. But probably will be 18...

"[Monza] They are still looking [and] Brazil has got a few problems at the moment I understand. They haven't got a proper president at the moment so they can't worry about small technical things like getting paid."

No new events have been mooted for as early as 2017, though Ecclestone has previously revealed talks have started over a possible night race at Las Vegas to be held along the Strip. However, this is unlikely to be prepared.



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