Lewis Hamilton has once more shrugged off his coming together with Nico Rosberg at the start of the Canadian Grand Prix, suggesting he would have attempted something similar had their roles been reversed into turn one.

A stronger start from Rosberg would see him draw alongside Mercedes team-mate Hamlton on the outside of the T1 left-hander at the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit, but understeer from the defending champion would prompt the pair to make light contact.

With Hamilton unhindered, Rosberg took to the grass across T1/2, dropping him to ninth by the end of the opening lap, from which he could only recover to fifth.

As the gap between the pair shrinks to nine points ahead of the Grand Prix of Europe in Azerbaijan, Hamilton is satisfied the tables would have likely been turned had the same situation happened with him on the outside.

"I saw Nico earlier and he thought it was a racing incident as I did, so it's in the past and we move forwards," he said. "It's racing. If I was him, I would have tried to come round the outside also and if he was me he would have most likely been in the same position as me, so it's the same."

With Hamilton suffering another poor start in Canada - a theme to his pole positions in 2016 so far -, Hamilton says Mercedes are working hard to discover why there is such a disparateness to the getaways.

"We look into it every single day. It's a conscious thing, I've got constant goalposts that are moving, but the last one wasn't great, it was second to last worst. But then in China I had the best of the whole pack, so out of the seven races and five or six starts - whatever it is - there's been one fantastic one and then a few not so good.

"So it's really just moving around and trying to narrow that performance window because it's too far different between the spectrum. We're trying to make that more consistent."

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