Qualifying for the GP2 Series has been postponed after problems with kerbs around the Baku City Circuit emerged in the wake of F1 FP1.

Though there was only one major incident during the FP1 session, with Daniel Ricciardo swiping at the wall on the outside of T15, there were reportedly complaints about the kerbs around the new street venue afterwards.

Pirelli would go on to report cuts in the tyres, seemingly caused by the screws on the kerbing.

With GP2 qualifying red flagged after just a few seconds to allow FIA Race Director Charlie Whiting to inspect the kerbs at turn two, the decision was taken to postpone it altogether to allow a full track inspection to take place.

The kerbs at the notorious T8 had already undergone work after GP2 practice, with the same issue seemingly affecting other areas of the tricky venue.

FP2 is still scheduled on time at 17.00 local time (14.00 GMT), though GP2 qualifying has been delayed until after that session.



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