Lewis Hamilton says he just 'sits there and smiles' during driver briefings as his peers complain about track issues, saying drivers 'moaned' when discussing the Baku City Circuit.

With the Azerbaijan circuit coming into criticism from the likes of Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg for its lack of run-off areas and the venue suffering issues with kerbs between practice sessions, the Friday driver briefing reportedly raised several talking points.

However, Hamilton - who has commented on the negativity of other drivers in briefings before - says their concerns should be treated as 'a part of racing'.

"One thing for sure, these drivers they moan so much, so much, about so many things. I guarantee you... it's really bumpy down the main straight and you can't really see Turn 1 that well when the car's vibrating so it's really hard but that's a part of racing.

"These guys want it to be smooth, like smoother than ever and have no vibrations and no bumps and they want to take all the character and life out of these tracks. I'm glad that this has bumps but I guarantee you today there's going to be some people that say those things and I'll just sit there and smile!

"Configuration-wise this is not massively challenging but this is a big ball track where you really need your balls with you through here. Just like in Monaco, where you're coming down at 200mph and once you commit to the corner...

"Turn 1 you can dive out and go straight on but Turn 3 you commit to the corner and if you don't make it you're in the wall, just like in Monaco. So that's what I'm saying, you really need your confidence and you need to have your bits together."

Fastest in both free practice sessions, despite more than one off-track moment, Hamilton says he doesn't expect to see the same frequency of errors as the weekend progresses, while he is ultimately pleased with his W07.

"Ultimately we're all learning and when you get a new track you take it one step at a time but as fast as you can, you trip and then you get back on and you keep going. That's just how a new circuit is, particularly on a street circuit. Everyone's just trying to get up to speed as fast as possible, but I think everyone's probably learnt the track now so you'll probably see less of that I would imagine.

"I was feeling pretty good out there. I don't know where everyone is compared to us at the moment but it's looking pretty strong. I was getting good laps, good long runs, so let's hope that continues tomorrow."

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