Lewis Hamilton insists it is 'not impossible to win' from tenth on the grid ahead of European Grand Prix due to the probability of safety cars and a circuit that is relatively easy to overtake on.

A crash in qualifying leaves Hamilton tenth on the grid for the first F1 race to be held on the streets of Baku in Azerbaijan, but the defending champion had been comfortably the quickest driver during the free practice sessions

Indeed, Hamilton was quickest on each of his Q3 runs, prior to the errors, and feels the nature of the venue - which proved a race of attrition for the GP2 drivers - should allow him to claw back ground and even eye victory.

"There's not point looking at the past, no matter how pissed off you can be. I've got a good opportunity in the race, I've got a good car and good pace. So provided we can remain clean on track and not get caught up in others' mistakes or make mistakes then we should be able to get some good points. It's not impossible to win still from where I am."

"I think tomorrow safety cars can be a blessing for me. As you've seen in GP2 it's a long, long way down to Turn 1, so it could be helpful. But I've got to get round the first God knows how many laps first to even consider that."

Complaining that a lack of feeling with his Mercedes W07 contributed to his error-strewn qualifying effort - which saw two offs before his conclusive crash at T10 -, the Briton brushed it off, saying 'some days it goes bad'.

"That will be the plan. But honestly when I wake up it's really strange, every Sunday is always different. The last race I didn't feel good before the race, I just didn't have a good feeling but drove fantastic. Some days you feel great and it goes bad, some days you feel bad and it goes bad, some days you feel good and it goes good. I have no idea how it's going to be but the best thing I can do is try to look forward."

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