Lewis Hamilton has echoed the views of his Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff that restrictions on radio communications should be relaxed after claiming it spoiled the racing spectacle during the European Grand Prix.

Incorrect configuration settings on his Mercedes left Hamilton - battling back from tenth on the grid after a crash in qualifying - lacking deployment power in a straight line, but while the team knew of a quick fix, it couldn't inform him as it would flout the radio communication regulations.

With Hamilton taking much of the race to figure out the issue as he had to settle for fifth position at the chequered flag, the defending champion said distraction of experimenting with different settings was 'dangerous'.

With this in mind, though Hamilton accepts the rule has the same effect for all drivers, he feels being unable to make the fix doesn't conform to the regulation's intention to delegate more responsibility to the driver.

"The radio ban as far as I'm aware is supposed to stop driver aids, and it wasn't a driver aid, it was a technical issue. Formula One is so technical - it's far too technical almost - and to have that many switch positions, it's something that you should be able to rectify because the only people that can see the issue are the guys in the garage.

"There is no point talking about the what ifs. Maybe the rule needs to be looked at again, because I would say it was a technical issue again."

Indeed, Hamilton feels the incident prevented him from continuing his charge up the order, arguing it ruined the spectacle of the Baku race.

"It would have added to the spectacle if I had full power because I would have been in the race fighting with the guys up ahead. That's racing and everyone is in the same position and I heard that all the Mercedes drivers had the same thing."

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