Ferrari technical director James Allison expects the racing to improve in 2017 as Formula 1 prepares to introduce new, more aggressive technical regulations.

With a view to improving the spectacle of F1, tweaks to the aerodynamics and the tyres will be introduced in 2017 in an effort to reduce lap times and make the cars more visually striking.

Though the final draft of regulations haven't been officially confirmed, the changes have been agreed in principle, with Pirelli giving a first glimpse at the future during the Monaco Grand Prix by revealing the 'retro' larger tyres.

Indeed, with several technical directors and engineers talking positively about the changes, Allison feels the new regulations will not only improve the spectacle, but improve the racing.

"Some people think that lap times aren't so important, that the closeness of the racing is the only thing that matter. I think both matter. We would like every race to be a proper fist fight and it's getting more and more that way.

"There is some very good racing happening in the field this year and it's only going to improve. The historic best lap time were set a while back, but we're starting to approach those now. I'm looking forward to next year, because next year we're going to start smashing those records."

Not all teams are in support of the new regulations, with Mercedes boss Toto Wolff favouring stable regulations in order to improve the racing. Claiming that convergence is prompting more open races, Wolff believes a change in the regulations will give his Mercedes team a prime opportunity to re-establish its dominance in the sport.