Felipe Massa has said that he looks forward to being able to continue racing in the Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos, but admits that he can see why the race may be under threat.

While event organisers insist that there is nothing to worry about and the work necessary to complete renovations at the Autodromo Carlos Pace will be completed in time for the 2016 race, Bernie Ecclestone made no secret of his dissatisfaction with the recent lack of progress in Sao Paulo and issued the threat that the race may be dropped from the schedule as early as next year, despite Interlagos having a contract that runs through to the end of the decade.

The iconic venue - F1's only host in South America - has staged the race exclusively since the demise of Rio's Jacarepagua circuit, which was recently bulldozed to make way for 2016 Olympic Games venues, and Brazil has been a fixture on the F1 calendar since 1973, but the future of the race now hinges on work to complete the makeover of pits and paddock facilities. Although progress appeared smooth at one point, the second phase of development has stalled as Brazil faces financial and political upheaval following the impeachment of president Dilma Rousseff and the pressures of staging this summer's Olympic Games.

Massa, while admitting that he was most certainly not the best man to speak to on the matter, said that he could understand the threat the race was under.

"I didnt say it would not happen, I said that it could be that we lose the race," he said, keen not to be misquoted as a doom-monger, "You see how the country is and what is happening in the country, that it is missing money and that the situation is not the easiest. I know how Brazil is, that we are not really organised, and it can be that we lose the race. It can be - it is not impossible, even if we have a contract, it is something that can be possible, but I hope not because I am Brazilian and, if I am still in [F1] next year, I want to be racing at home, definitely. We'll see, but I think Bernie is the right person to ask, not me!"



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