Bernie Ecclestone has revealed he could shake up the way money is distributed across the sport by scrapping the bonus payments handed out to Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull and McLaren.

As part of the current deals in place that run until 2020, the leading four teams are handed 'historical' bonuses worth approximately ?150 million between them, with Ferrari believed to receive upwards of ?60 million alone.

A deal that has repeatedly been slammed as unfair by other teams and has prompted an investigation by the European Union competition authorities, according to The Times, Ecclestone is now drawing up plans to balance the distribution.

Preferring a fairer Premier League-style format in which all teams would receive a more equal share of the money, it would potentially give some of the struggling smaller outfits a boost to compete with manufacturers that compete with bigger budgets even before the bonus are factored in.

Inevitably, Ecclestone is likely to face opposition from the powerful teams in question, which would face a significant drop in revenue from the outset, but support from a larger proportion of the grid, the FIA and also fans.

"I told Toto not to think about banking any money yet," Ecclestone said. "I am going to have a good look at how things work to see if I can come up with something more equal for all the teams.

"The Premier League has a good way of distributing the prize money, so maybe that could work for us. There will be people who will like it and people who won't like it, and people who will suffer."



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