Lewis Hamilton says he will be prepared to take an intentional engine penalty earlier than he'd originally planned if it offered him a better opportunity of a maximised result.

A raft of technical issues during the early rounds of the season have put Hamilton on the back foot in terms of available engines, with his last 'free' new Mercedes power unit going in at this weekend's Austrian Grand Prix.

With the next change set to land him a grid penalty, Hamilton says he will look to events where the ensuing disadvantage won't hamper him as much as it would do at certain circuits.

"I will try to look to take it at a circuit where I feel like I will be able to get the furthest up, closest, maybe a track where I might be able to catch up and maybe try to challenge for a win. That's my thought process and I have to go into it thinking I can still win it.

"There might be safety cars, there could be all sorts so I will try to have an optimistic view on it but it's not that easy to overtake at some places so...

"The percentage chances of Nico winning and me finishing second or further back is obviously higher, but we all try to minimise firstly the engines that we have to take. It is what it is so you just have to deal with it and try to weave your way through it."

Hamilton comes into the Austrian Grand Prix weekend 24 points behind team-mate Nico Rosberg in the overall standings.


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