Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene is comfortable with the latest F1 money distribution shares having already secured its own deal with Bernie Ecclestone until 2020.

Ferrari is expected to receive an estimated $192 million in total this year from its involvement in F1, the highest of any team on the grid, which is added up from the teams' championship results, constructors' championship bonus and its long-standing 'heritage' payment from the F1 commercial rights holder.

With smaller teams demanding a fairer split in prize money Ferrari could see its share in money slightly reduced but Arrivabene is satisfied the deal Ferrari has in place with F1 ensures the Italian manufacturer remains in a strong financial position.

"We feel very comfortable because the commercial rights holder signed a contract with us and the contract is there," Arrivabene said. "After 2020 we will see what's going on. It's early to talk about that. He can talk, he is the commercial rights holder."

Ecclestone has been keen to address the balance of F1 money distribution to make it fairer, while Force India and Sauber lodged an official complaint to the EU Commission on the issue.

A meeting was held on the Thursday before the Austrian Grand Prix weekend for team bosses and Ecclestone to discuss future money distribution and while the F1 supremo seems keen to implement change ideally for 2017 the current Concorde Agreements will run until the end of 2020.

The Concorde Agreement, settled in July 2013, is a contract between the FIA, F1 teams and the Formula One Group which states the terms of each team competing in the sport and how television revenue and prize money is divided.



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