A 'sore' Marcus Ericsson remains hopeful he will race in the British Grand Prix after a large shunt FP3 at Silverstone landed him in hospital.

The Swede ran wide out of Stowe and clipped the damp astroturf to the left of the exit kerb, the unbalanced grip levels pitching him into a spin that would spear him into the opposing tyre barrier.

Though Ericsson was able to extricate himself from the heavily damaged C35 and taken to the medical centre, he was transported to hospital for further 'routine checks'.

Missing qualifying, Ericsson confirmed he escaped harm in the accident but will have to undergo a medical check ahead of the race to get the green light to start from the back of the grid.

"It was obviously a huge accident. I went a bit too wide on the kerb in Turn 15 and touched the grass, which was a bit wet. I lost the car and this was followed by a big impact with the barriers. I went to the medical centre, but, because of the impact, they wanted to send me to hospital. Many check-ups have been done and things are looking good.

"I am feeling a bit sore, but everthing else is ok. It is obviously disappointing that I was not able to participate in qualifying, but the most important is that I am alright. I apologise to my car crew that I have caused them a lot of work."

Meanwhile, Sauber has confirmed to Crash.net that Ericsson clipped a button during the crash, which caused the steering wheel to pop off.


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