Daniel Ricciardo says the arrival of Max Verstappen has 'created a bit more of an atmosphere' within the Red Bull Racing fold, adding it is bringing more out of himself as a driver too.

Verstappen has made headlines since he was promoted to Red Bull from Toro Rosso ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix - an event he went on to win -, with the Dutchman proving a match for his more experienced team-mate in the ensuing rounds.

Indeed, Ricciardo admits the teenager's arrival has shaken things up at Red Bull, saying there is 'more of an atmosphere', but one that is spurring him on to be a better driver.

"It has been a bit different, like around the team. To be honest, when they made the driver swap already there was a lot of noise created around Barcelona. And then he went on and won it, so that was all a bit chaotic. Then Monaco and what happened to me and this and that.

"It has been pretty hectic since Max joined. There has been a lot more going on in F1, within the team. So it has created a bit more of an atmosphere I'd say. But with myself, he is pushing, he is doing really well, and I obviously want to keep on top of it. I am sure it is bringing out a bit more in both of us."

Starting fourth for the British Grand Prix after being out-qualified by Verstappen for the first time since his arrival at Red Bull, Ricciardo went on to joke that his 'puberty' could work in the Australian's favour.

"He has just hit puberty. So I don't what that means - if he is going to keep getting better, or if the degradation will start. But we will see. It depends on if he lets it grow out or if he clips!"