Mercedes pair Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have both shrugged off the impact of being booed on the podium in recent races and feel the majority of fans are showing the right passion and support.

After Hamilton was greeted by boos on the podium in Austria after his last-lap clash with Rosberg the German driver was met with a similar retaliation by a small section of fans at Silverstone who voiced their opinion when the F1 championship leader was introduced on the podium.

Rosberg has played down the number of people booing him at Silverstone - while conversely saying 'the whole crowd' jeered Hamilton is Spielberg - and says overall he got a positive reception from the British fans.

"Lewis had it in Austria, where the whole crowd was booing him and the thing is the majority of the British were really, really supportive of me this weekend so I don't want to catch on to those 15-20 people or more that dislike," Rosberg said. "It's not really the right thing to do because I should mention how much I appreciate the majority of the people that support me.

"Not only do they love their British drivers but they really just appreciate passionate drivers who are out there battling, doing their best and fighting for the win. They recognise that and that's cool, it's pretty unique, how excited they are out there is impressive."

Similarly, Hamilton hopes fans at upcoming circuits will not taunt any of the F1 drivers and wasn't happy to hear his team-mate booed at Silverstone.

"I tried to like calm it down because in all honesty I feel like it has been such a great day," Hamilton said. "I feel like we are better than that. I didn't really hear a lot of boos.

"What you have to understand is they are mad passionate fans and something wasn't right in the last one. I imagine when we get to Germany, maybe we will have the same thing. I hope not because I think in sport in general, it is not the done thing."



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