Lewis Hamilton has laid the blame on the new kerbs for his crash during the opening stages of the second free practice at the Hungaroring and has questioned why the track changes were made at all.

Having led proceedings in FP1 Hamilton's afternoon session was ended inside the opening 15 minutes when he slid off at turn 11 which sent him into a heavy side-on collision with the tyre barriers.

Despite being able to pull out of the wall and get his Mercedes back to the pits the team opted to undergo a full check on the damage, while Hamilton made a precautionary trip to the medical centre and was given an all clear, but the biggest damage to him will be missing the majority of the second practice session.

Hamilton says the kerbs installed around the Hungaroring circuit, particularly at turn 4 and 11 as a method to deter drivers from crossing track limits, were to blame for his crash as he clipped it with his rear left trye which sent him into the slide.

"I don't know why they've put them there to be honest, it was fine the way it was before," Hamilton said. "I hit the wall perfectly sideways so I was able to pull away. I just overloaded the wishbones, it didn't break anything, but rather than go out and have one of them fail we didn't go back out.

"I think I put my rear wheel just slightly over that white line and touched that kerb, they're very slippery. They put a couple of kerbs in places they weren't there before on the entry of the corner or on the outside. They are not normal kerbs either. Anyway, I touched that and that's what send me off. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day."

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Hamilton, a four-time race winner in Hungary, feels the circuit changes has seen the track lose some of its character and believes alternations have been made for F1 with no particular reason.

"It's the same track but it's lost a lot of character I think, it's a different kind of track. I prefer the old one," he said. "It's just a shame that they do these things sometimes, I don't know why.

"There were little kerbs there before, where I went off, which was a little lift, which worked for so many years and now they've decided to change it. I just assume they've just got so much money they need to spend it. Otherwise why would you spend it?"

Despite his frustrations, Hamilton is confident he hasn't lost out too much to team-mate Nico Rosberg but has admitted he may go into the race not knowing how the tyres will perform on long stints.

"Nico had a pretty good run so I can obviously study that," he said. "The pace was feeling quite good, I was having good pace up until then. It's just about getting in the swing of things, and when you miss a session that's what you miss. When I get into the race will be the first time of really attacking and seeing how long I can make those tyres work."


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