Kimi Raikkonen says there is no guarantee Ferrari will win again in Singapore this weekend, despite the Scuderia's dominance last year at the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

With Mercedes strangely off form twelve months ago, Sebastian Vettel took what was his - and Ferraris - third victory of the 2015 season, with Daniel Ricciardo second for Red Bull and Raikkonen third in the sister car.

Asked about his expectations, given what happened last time F1 visited the 'Lion City', Raikkonen replied: "I think it's the same story as any other race. We have to see how it goes tomorrow.

"Yes, it's true we were good here last year but that doesn't give us any guarantee that it's going to be the same story this year. We hope it is but time will tell. We'll start it as any other race weekend - we do our program and tomorrow we get some ideas of where we are."

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Pressed on why Ferrari seem to have dropped back a bit this season - and why it has yet to win in 2016, Raikkonen added: "Obviously we want to win, we want to fight for wins, be up there and give ourselves, every weekend, very good chances of victory. But that hasn't happened this year, unfortunately. We are better than last year but obviously the others have improved more.

"I'm sure we are doing the right things, we have great people and a good atmosphere, but the speed is missing a bit, that's probably where we have to improve, in many areas."

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Meanwhile, quizzed on Ferraris tyre compound choices for the weekend ahead - the Scuderia has gone for more ultra soft tyres than either Mercedes or Red Bull - Raikkonen said it is not as significant as it first appears and he predicted that it will probably all even-out come race day.

"It's hard to say [why the choice is different], but what we've seen there's nothing out of normal for us, at least. This has happened if you take the last four races. It's really not often the teams make the same choices but if you check how we end up in race conditions people have more or less the same tyres," he explained.

"It looks a lot different if you see the Pirelli table, where you see the number of tyres available, but people use different tyres during the weekend and when we get to the race what's available it's not an awful lot different. It's just different ways of doing things and if people prefer to go one way or the other. There's no right or wrong ways, it's just specific to every team, some teams run their two cars in a different way of they want to try different things.

"It's always been the same for us, we always prefer to take more soft tyres and this is how it is."

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