Kimi Raikkonen says he is unsure what is possible from fifth position on the grid as Ferrari's tough qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix was compounded by it losing out to Mercedes and Red Bull.

Having hoped to get itself amidst a potential six-way fight for pole position, Ferrari instead saw Sebastian Vettel fall by the wayside in Q1 with technical issues before Raikkonen failed to qualify higher than fifth in Q3.

Leaving him adrift of his main rivals coming into the race, Raikkonen admits a lack of general grip was behind his disappointing result.

SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX - Qualifying results

"We are fifth and we've seen that before in some races and in some races not," he said. "They've [Red Bull] been strong here and unfortunately this is what we've got today.

"The car was behaving pretty decently, apart from obviously lacking a bit of grip overall, but there weren't issues that we could have fixed to suddenly go faster, apart from adding overall grip. The first lap in Q3 was a good lap and I knew I had to try a bit too much to go faster in the second lap and it didn't pay off. This is where you ended up."

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Looking ahead to the race, Raikkonen gives little impression Ferrari may be considering tinkering with its strategy due to its compromised starting positions.

"We'll base our strategy on what will be the fastest way from start to finish and that's what we always do. There's nothing we can suddenly do differently that will make it fastest. We can easily calculate what is the fastest race for us and that's what we're aiming to do.

"If something happens - Safety Cars or whatever - then you need to change, but we can only do our fastest and hopefully it's good enough to gain some positions. I think tomorrow our car will be good, but who knows?"

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