Both Toto Wolff and Eric Boullier have given a warm reception to new Formula 1 Chairman Chase Carey and are hopeful he can inject fresh impetus into the sport.

The new F1 Chairman Carey made his first appearance in the paddock since the Liberty Media takeover at the Singapore Grand Prix and gave an introductory reception and talks with all teams and key personnel.

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff is intrigued to see how Carey's influence will impact TV deals as well as adapting the sport with the view of halting the plunging TV audiences over recent seasons.

"He seems to be a guy with a great track record in modernising sports and TV bills and he is interested in the sport," Wolff said. "I think the first thing he said to me is, 'I will be asking more questions at the beginning' and I think this is just the right approach.

"It shows the clarity of somebody who enters in an area that is maybe not as known to him as some other areas, like how to close great TV deals. But I haven't really had more in depth conversations with him."

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McLaren Racing Director Eric Boullier says the team isn't aware of Liberty Media's full intentions and plans for the sport just yet but has been impressed with the hands-on approach Carey has taken with his immediate arrival in the paddock less than two weeks since the official announcement of the takeover.

"We don't know exactly what their plans are. They have just come here to introduce themselves and that is it so far," Boullier said. "I guess there will be more and more discussions and developments in the future. I guess also there are just here to get a little bit of a taste of what Formula One is exactly from the inside, from the paddock and from the drivers. We will see later."

"I am not in a position to tell something about that, but also it is still not clear to us," echoed Honda chief Yusuke Hasegawa. "But for Honda the stability is very important. That is the only thing I can say."

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