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Romain Grosjean has pointed the finger of blame at brake supplier Brembo for its failure to deliver acceptable brakes as he suffered another off during free practice for the Japanese Grand Prix.

The Frenchman has endured a series of issues on his Haas in recent races with brake problems leading to two crashes during the Singapore Grand Prix and entire failure at last weekend's Malaysian Grand Prix.

Though Haas has turned to Brembo and Dallara to understand the root of the issue, Grosjean in the meantime has another off at Suzuka - albeit at modest speed - during FP1 around the Degner bends and complained further during FP2.

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Again defending his strong use of language over the team radio due to the ongoing problems, Grosjean says the supplier is ultimately at fault for the issues and are leaving him in a 'dangerous' position.

"Jump in my place, try to turn in at 120kph and the brake doesn't work how would you react? It could be dangerous. Yes there are things which I don't accept. That is not against the team it is against the suppliers and today I crashed because the brakes didn't work. I think it is normal to be annoyed.

"Everywhere it is dangerous but here especially because of the very high speeds. The last race we were lucky to escape with nothing bad to happen and then here the brakes don't work again so it is a bit too much.

"It is not ideal let us put it that way but of course then you don't go for the last five metres of braking zone. Qualifying is a different story but in free practice we have to take it carefully. It could be wet too so it may be hard to find the right solution. Hopefully we can change it for tomorrow and make it better."

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