Toto Wolff says organisers and promoters of the German Grand Prix could learn from the recent success of the races in the United States and Mexico to bring the fans back, while speculation of the race dropping off the 2017 calendar continue.

After being an ever-present fixture on the F1 calendar since 1956 the German Grand Prix was not held in 2015 with the Nurburgring unable to stack up the funds to cover the costs of hosting the race.

Currently, the German race is shared between Nurburgring and Hockenheim on alternating years and despite concerns the event was under threat this season it maintained its place, albeit with much lower attendance figures.

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With Hockenheim provisionally pencilled in to host next year's race, subject to confirmation, Wolff feels organisers can learn from the success of Austin and Mexico - with the inclusion of an international music concert and other post-race attractions - to entice new audiences to F1 in Germany.

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"We had some great races recently. If you look at Austin, the crowd was great and what was organised around it was really spectacular," Wolff said. "Lots of innovation and entertainment for the fans and equally here.

"I think we need to look beyond the tip of our nose in how we can activate the fans that we have lost in some of the countries. If there was a simple solution I think Bernie would have probably found it.

"Is there a bit of a hangover in Germany because we have had 10 years of world champions there and it has transitioned into other sports? Hockenheim deserves big crowds and maybe we need to look at what Mexico and Austin are doing and some of the other tracks."

Ecclestone recently confirmed there is still 'nothing sure yet' in regards to a deal for the 2017 German GP with the continued hurdle of agreeing a hosting fee holding up any confirmation.

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