Jolyon Palmer says Kevin Magnussen has 'made a mistake' in turning down a new Renault contract for the 2017 F1 season, prompting the Dane to retort that he should be pleased his departure has given the Briton another year at the team.

Ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix, Magnussen confirmed he would be leaving Renault to join Haas for the 2017 F1 season, with his current team-mate Palmer being re-signed alongside Nico Hulkenberg at the French manufacturer.

With Magnussen revealing he turned down a contract offer from Renault, Palmer subsequently got the nod despite his own insistence the decision was based on a recent run of positive form.

However, on learning of Magnussen's comments, Palmer admits he is surprised his team-mate chose Haas over a factory team despite this year's results.

"I probably shouldn't... I'm surprised to hear that, to be honest. I think if Renault turned to Kevin then he's made a mistake to turn it down because I think they'll be ahead of Haas next year.

"It's a manufacturer team going places. If you get the choice to go to Red Bull for one year it's better than going to Toro Rosso for two years. I'm not sure that's definitely the case, but anyway I don't care because I'm in the seat for next year and nothing changes for me. So it's fine."

Magnussen, however, would point out that had he not done so Palmer would be out of a drive and potentially out of F1.

"I think he should be happy that I left, honestly," he retorted.

Magnussen will join Haas on a multi-year agreement having rejected Renault because it could not commit to him for more than a single season.

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