Ferrari will appeal the FIA's decision not to look into Sebastian Vettel's penalty from the Mexican Grand Prix, despite being told it presented no 'new' evidence during its last appeal.

Vettel was demoted from third to fifth following the Mexican Grand Prix as punishment for 'moving under braking' in defence of Daniel Ricciardo.

With Vettel flatly denying he was at fault, Ferrari on Thursday proceeded to submit a request for the case to be reviewed based on a 'new element' it did not disclose at the time, only for the FIA to throw its protest out after declaring their evidence was not 'new' to stewards.

Ferrari had attempted to present 'new' GPS data only to be told it had already been considered, before the FIA refused to agree with its claim that Charlie Whiting had the power to force Max Verstappen to cede a position in their dispute prior to the incident with Ricciardo.

However, Ferrari is again appealing against the FIA's dismissal, though it could be taking its time to consider its options before withdrawing the appeal again.

Find out why the FIA rejected Ferrari's appeal request



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