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Max Verstappen has criticised the level of regulation being enforced in F1, saying drivers 'can't defend' because of over-arching rules.

The Dutchman has come under fire in 2016 for what rivals feel is a tendency for 'moving under braking', with drivers including Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen vocally critical of the Red Bull driver.

With the FIA bowing to pressure by introducing a rule against the tactic from the United States Grand Prix onwards, it was ironically enforced for the first time on Vettel in Mexico after he was judged to have changed direction under braking against Daniel Ricciardo. The German was demoted from third to fifth but Ferrari has since lodged two protests to get it overturned.

With the regulation being colloquially dubbed 'Max's rule', while Verstappen has little sympathy for Ferrari in its efforts to argue against Vettel's penalty, he feels the 'art in defending' has been diminished by the confusion of what and what isn't allowed.
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"That it is just a very complex rule, I think, it is just very difficult," he said. "Before there was an art in defending and overtaking, but the defending bit has gone because you can't do anything.

"You can't defend, basically, that's my feeling. So of course they thought it was not right so they tried to appeal it but it's clearly in the rules that you can't do it anymore so everybody of course has to follow the rules."

With Verstappen saying on more than one occasion that he is unbothered by the criticism from rival drivers, he feels F1 is no different to other sports when it comes to up and comers shaking things up.

"I think in general not only in Formula One but just in a lot of sports, when younger people come in and they do well there's always a bit of talk going on, I think that's pretty normal. So I don't see it as a big issue, to be honest."

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