Toto Wolff will ask the F1 Strategy Group to refine its complicated rulebook at its next meeting in the build-up to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix as part of the latest call to simplify the sport to attract fans.

Throughout the current season, F1's biggest talking point of conflict has surrounded complicated rulings or teams looking to find ways to get around rules to seek advantages.

Most recently Max Verstappen claimed F1's latest rules on overtaking - namely the dubbed 'Verstappen rule' which penalises driver for moving under braking while defending positions - has eliminated the art of defending, while a similar backlash came from the fans.

As a result of these ongoing problems, Wolff wants the F1 Strategy Group to come up with a plan to simplify the sport's rulebook to help re-engage with the fans.

"We started well but we have the agenda which is 93 pages. We need to simplify some of the topics, we can't ignore this next one," Wolff said. "You can't ignore there is a situation that some of the fans say that it is getting too complicated and we need to simplify it.

"One of these areas is penalties need to be sorted out. The stewards have a difficult job to do because the teams get cleverer every year so that is why the rules get more sophisticated to close all the loopholes.

"We have built up this huge rule book that is not understandable for the public so I hope we can find some solutions to some of the most urgent topics. Hopefully next week."

The F1 Strategy Group is expected to hold its next meeting in Abu Dhabi during the build-up to the 2016 season finale.

The group consists of FIA President Jean Todt, Formula One commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone and representatives from Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, Williams, McLaren and the best-placed team which does not have a permanent place in the group (currently Force India). Any decision or plan made by the F1 Strategy Group is then put in front of the F1 Commission to rubber-stamp or reject.

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