Sergio Perez says he will not reconsider reviving his relationship with the Hawkers sunglasses brand despite its effort to make amends by forming a new children's charity in his name following a social media faux pas.

Perez annulled his agreement with Hawkers ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix after its 'offensive' tweet in which it encouraged Mexican people to hide their tears in the wake of Donald Trump's surprise win in the US Presidential election.

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Despite claiming to have lost out personally by ending the contract because he had a personalised line of sunglasses coming out, Perez said at the time he felt it necessary to stand by his home nation.

As a result of the gaffe, Hawkers attempted to apologise with numerous tweets and messages but went further in the week after the race by placing a full page advert in the El Universal newspaper and pledging $25,000 (USD) to a new charity, Dear Sergio x Hawkers Foundation, for poor children.

"Dear Sergio, sometimes we have accidents," the advert read. "You, more than anybody else, knows this. Although we don't expect this accident to be forgotten, we will do everything possible to make sure that it doesn't happen again.

"We will continue to be with you, with the people of Mexico and with all those who oppose discrimination and racism in the world."

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However, while Perez is pleased with Hawkers' newfound philanthropy, he says he will not make a u-turn on his decision, adding that the company has only tried contacting him publicly rather than personally.

"I don't have anymore sunglasses sponsors," he said. "I think if they want to help, it is up to them. I have my foundation and I do a lot for charity and it will be good for them to do so.

"They didn't contact me, they did it all through social media which I didn't find good but it is all over now and if they want to help then they should help without me."

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