Lewis Hamilton has joked he will 'reveal all' in his book to explain the reasons behind Mercedes' decision to swap his and Nico Rosberg's mechanics after the German declared it was to help bind the team.

Mercedes swapped five mechanics between Hamilton and Rosberg after the Briton's second consecutive title win in 2015, with the team at the time suggesting it was always intending to rotate them to help balance the drivers' chances.

Though Hamilton has always been praiseworthy of the mechanics themselves despite the change, he has nonetheless hinted at some displeasure that Mercedes went ahead and did so regardless.

Ahead of this weekend's F1 title finale in Abu Dhabi, Rosberg insists the change was made to help unify Mercedes and not allow friction to grow between two sides of the garage.

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"The easiest way to answer that is if we look at the recent team spirit within the team," he said. "Because you know we've been fighting now for three years and within the team they've been fighting for the race wins and for the championship so it's quite natural that a little separation can happen between the two sides of the garage.

"For the overall team performance that's not a good thing because for the overall team performance you'd want to have great team spirit, everybody fighting for one direction, everybody holding together and that's why the decision was taken to rotate a little bit.

"I think it's shown this year that it's been a very very good thing to do because our team spirit has been as good as ever, we've seen that recently and we've had some great parties together and whatever. Everybody's just sticking together and it's an awesome feeling within the team

Indeed, Rosberg says he was initially wary of the move but feels it has benefited Mercedes for the greater good

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"It looks like that it was the right thing to do, even though initially it's not something that's super comfortable because my mechanics are close to me and it feels good and everything; to then change takes a little bit of time to gel as Lewis touched on before but I understand that from a team's perspective that was the right thing to do and it's worked well."

Hamilton, however, went on to suggest there is more to the tale, responding to the initial question by retorting 'that's a very good question... and I would also just like to add to it, what was the explanation given to you?"

Following Rosberg's explanation, Hamilton went on to say he will produce a book in the future to say 'exactly what happened'

"You'll have to buy my book down the line in ten years' time when I tell you exactly what happened. It will be an interesting read."

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