Jenson Button feels his only positive point from Friday free practice has been his special helmet in tribute to his F1 career as he prepares for his 'final' Grand Prix.

With Button treating the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix as his last F1 race, with the British driver set to take a sabbatical year in 2017 and insisting he won't return to the sport in 2018, he had been hoping for a bright start to the race weekend but was hit but an Energy Recovery System fault which required a power unit change during FP1.

As a result, Button also missed the opening half an hour of FP2 and felt he struggled for pace once making it on to the track, joking the only positive from his day was showing off his special helmet design.

The one-off design is in tribute to his 2009 F1 world title charge with Brawn GP, with the inscription 'the journey is the reward' and he also has his family for company in Abu Dhabi.

"It's great wearing the 2009 helmet again, it has great colours but also a lot of memories," Button said. "I've collected things over the years and that's the finished product. It's very good but it was the only good think to take from today.

"It wasn't a very good day on track, we had to stop early in FP1, to change the Power Unit for FP2. Then I started the second session half an hour late, so it's been a bit of a troublesome day today, but we still learned some stuff from the running we did at the end of FP2 and I'm looking forward to tomorrow. The car seems fun to drive out there.

"We'll see how it goes. Whatever we can achieve out there on the circuit we'll try to get there, even if it's my last race. We'll do whatever we can, hopefully we'll get the balance of the car sorted before qualifying and I think our race pace is actually better than in the last few races, so we just have to qualify well."

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