Kimi Raikkonen says he will turn his attentions towards a 'different' era of F1 racing in 2017 after failing to make the most of a bright start in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The Finn started fourth and ran third early on but was surpassed by Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel as their different strategies came to fruition, before Daniel Ricciardo also overtook him.

Leaving him sixth at the chequered flag - where he also finishes in the overall standings -, Raikkonen says he doesn't blame Ferrari for throwing the dice with team-mate Vettel in terms of strategy, even if it compromised his own race.

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"For sure it was a better choice [Vettel's strategy], but when you have two cars and one... we should have stayed out, for sure, but we tried to put the two cars in different strategies, so it's a bit easier when you are the car behind and you have the chance to jump somebody on the pit stops. You try to do something and for Seb it worked out well.

"The car was OK, but I struggled to keep the right front tyre alive, so I was driving just to try and keep it working. The last set was much better to start with but then it went away and I just slowed down. It was not ideal but it was one of those things..

"It's not ideal but, to be honest, it didn't really change the world and the season for me. Yes, it could have been a better last race but next year will be a different story, different cars."

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