Fernando Alonso has encouraged F1 bosses to come up with revisions for wet races in the aftermath of the Brazilian Grand Prix and feels lessons can be learnt from GT racing.

The McLaren driver says despite spray being thrown up at Interlagos only as worse as in previous wet races he wants 'devices or different ideas' to be introduced to reduce spray.

Alonso gave the example of either fully or partially covering the wheels to contain the spray, using the case of GT cars, but also felt tyre supplier Pirelli can do more to produce a tyre which can disperse water without increasing spray from the cars.

During Brazil GP multiple cars spun under acceleration climbing the final corner at Interlagos which caught out Kimi Raikkonen, Marcus Ericsson and Felipe Massa, while Max Verstappen incredibly saved his Red Bull from sliding into the barriers during his masterful wet weather drive.

"It has been always risky, more unpredictable, always some accidents happening in the wet, poor visibility but it's part of the sport but I don't think it will disappear," Alonso said, who also suffered a 360-degree spin at Interlagos. "What we need to learn from races in Brazil, is that we need better visibility if we can. Devices, different ideas that can help the spray of the cars.

"If you see in GT races, they don't have that spray as they don't have the tyres completely out. I think there are a few things we should consider in the future to improve the spray and the visibility and also in the tyre performance because I've been racing 16 years in Brazil in many wet races and I've never seen a spin in the middle of the straight."

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With Pirelli introducing wider and fatter tyre compounds in 2017 Alonso also fears if races are run in similar conditions to this year's Brazil GP the wider surface areas will throw up more water and increase spray.

"Maybe next year will be worse as the tyres will be a little bit different so maybe that's even worse," he said. "But I don't think the visibility is different compared to the past."

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